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hi everyone, i’m so excited to bring this video to you today! this video has been a long process to film since i was waiting on getting some storage but it’s finally here 🙂 HOWEVER, very exciting news,, WE HIT 200 SUBS! i can’t believe this happened and i am so grateful, thank u to everyone who watches my videos and shows so much love whenever i upload! i will try my best to continue bringing content that both you and me love hehe, anyways i will leave links to the storage which i show in the video however do feel free to ask me in the comments where certain items are from! hope you enjoy the video, if you do it would mean sm if you could drop a like + possibly subscribe! see you soon

S O C I A L S:

main instagram:

P R O D U C T S:
Deflecto Washi Tape Drawers:

Osco Large Acrylic Drawers:

3 Tier White Stationery Cart:
(currently sold out)

M U S I C:
Stay Gold – Smyang Piano
Your eyes tell – Smyang Piano
Mikrokosmos – Doo Piano
Epiphany – Smyang Piano

O U T R O S O N G:

E N Q U I R I E S:
Business Only:
[email protected]

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